A seasoned practitioner discusses BrainPaint

The Addicted Brain and EEG Biofeedback” by Dr. Shari Stillman-Corbitt, Together AZ, Nov. 2010
Dr. Corbitt is Senior Executive Director, Promises Treatment Centers

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ABSTRACT: “A challenge for every residential and inpatient treatment is the client suddenly glazes over and announces to his or her treatment team that it is time for them to co home – despite the fact that it is only Day 9 or day whatever of their 30 day program. Sometimes they are glazed and dazed. Sometimes they are highly agitated. But with EEG Biofeedback—at Promises we know within 3 sessions of atypically heightened alpha amplitude that a client is getting ready to made the dreaded Against Medical Advice exit. We know before the client is even formulating his or her exit strategy! And with appropriate intervention we often prevent—and you can too—that AMA before it occurs, with all of the services your center brings to bear—peer support, clinical interventions, a 12 step meeting, more biofeedback, meditation, everything you’ve got. If you can’t XXXX them, you can’t help them!”