Sample BrainPrint®

BrainPrints® identify an individual’s unique brainwave frequencies rather than arbitrarily defining beta as 15-18Hz and gamma as 35-45 Hz.

BrainPrint® is superior filtering software that improves EEG analysis and the subsequent effectiveness of neurofeedback training.

A BrainPrint® is a signature or map of an individual’s unique brainwave patterns. It captures an individual’s thoughts, feelings and arousal levels.

Just like fingerprints, they are uniquely our own. Unlike fingerprints, they can change in response to experience. Neurofeedback can provide an experience designed to improve specific brain function. Subsequently, your BrainPrint® would change. We may experience this change as improved sleep, focus, mood, attention or energy.

Currently, our BrainPrint® analysis software is bundled with our BrainPaint® system, and not offered separately.

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