BrainPaint neurofeedback system testimonial

Jerry Levin, Director – Moonview Sanctuary (former Time Warner CEO)

I’m recommending Bill Scott for a Tech Museum Award based on my great respect for his innovative work and his inspiration in the plasticity of the brain responding to new forms of neurofeedback.

I have directly dealt with Bill for several years as a practitioner for our Moonview Sanctuary clients. He has been a major force in overcoming mental health issues through the application of digital technology as expressed through his biofeedback systems. His work with our clients has been proven in significant research studies to materially lessen the effects of drug and alcohol addiction through brain exercise and imagery. He has singularly developed an algorithm for BrainPainting” so that those who are experiencing the benefits of training their brain cells and synapses can also have pictorial representations of their totally unique brain patterns. This has enhanced the process of neurofeedback so that advances in mental focus and resilience are achieved much more rapidly. I am confident that Bill’s breakthrough technology will have lasting impact on our definition of mental health and agility. While there are many practitioners generally in his field, he is truly the best and most advanced in the forefront with BrainPaint.

My perspective has been enriched by Bill’s diligence, and my own growth in holistic treatments has come from my association with him and my wife’s founding of Moonview, a mental health institute in Santa Monica ( As the retired Chairman and CEO of Time Warner, I have had the opportunity to witness many changes in technology, particularly in digital communications. Nothing is more satisfying than to see such computing technology applied to the advancement of mental health issues.

BrainPaint neurofeedback system testimonial

Ronaye Calvert, PsyD, CC-IAC – Calvert, Calvert & Conley

Note: Ronaye was in her car and we are trying to salvage the sound quality before posting the .mp3. Please see a transcript below.

Neurofeedback makes me look good. And, the reason why is because I’m saying the same things I’ve been saying. I haven’t changed as the therapist in the room. What changed is the clients’ capacity to actually hear what I am saying. They tried as best they can to bring out as much as they can with every therapy session, but they have blocks that the trauma has put there that makes it very difficult for them to hold on to the messages that they are hearing in therapy and carry it with them outside the therapy room…because they are hearing me for what, 60 minutes, 55 minutes, then they leave the office and all of their trauma and all of their PTSD kicks back up again and it is very, very difficult for just a talk session to combat all that is going on in the brain. And so it takes a long, long in time therapy usually for the sessions that you have to have done enough healing work that they can combat what the brain is doing…Neurofeedback helps the brain calm down enough to hear the messages that I am sharing with the clients in therapy. My clients are hearing me almost for the first time. They are hearing me and getting impacted by it all at the same time. And so what happens is you see clients that are healing at a much quicker and more profound rate.

Ronaye Calvert, Psy.D., CC-IAC
Calvert, Calvert & Conley

BrainPaint neurofeedback system testimonial

David Kaiser, Director – Soba Recovery

We have researched a myriad of neurofeedback services and found BrainPaint to be the most cutting-edge and the leader in the field of neurofeedback.

BrainPaint neurofeedback system testimonial

Don Theodore, MFT & CAS – CRI-Help

Don Theodore

BrainPaint neurofeedback system testimonial

Shari Corbitt, Sr. Executive Director – Promises

Over time, neurofeedback sessions help correct symptoms of attention-deficit disorder, sleep disturbances, depression, and anxiety, which in turn helps correct vulnerabilities for relapse.

The people at BrainPaint® found a way to make the software user friendly and clinically effective, so we can use the system in the context of a residential treatment center, not a science lab.

The use of this particular software supports our mission as an abstinence-based program, and utilizing an applied neuroscience supports our clients in their mission to be drug-free.

BrainPaint neurofeedback system testimonial

Janice Witt, MFCC – Mirasol Treatment Center

There are only a handful of treatment centers using neurofeedback now, and in the future, we predict many centers will be using it.

I think it should be a major part of treatment because it’s so important for relapse prevention. Insomnia, migraines, stress-things that contribute to substance abuse and relapse-they’re all brain problems, and we can correct them.”

BrainPaint neurofeedback system testimonial

Christopher Bathum, CEO – Seasons Recovery Center

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the way you addressed our interest in your service. Literally by 8pm the day after my folks showed up for your training we were treating a client and there was a line at the door for the other clients.

Michael Perkins, PhD

Note: Michael wrote this to us after another practitioner who was interested in BrainPaint called him to ask him questions about the system.

I just wanted to let you know that I had a delightful phone conversation with Betty Senn last night for just under an hour. What a neat open minded curious adventuresome person. I did not know till the very end of our conversation that she was in her 705…which she informed me after I told her I was turning 65. We went over many many details of working with BrainPaint®, e.g. simplicity of administration client populations, the assessment questionnaire, protocols, fees, insurance reimbursement, and especially some of my cases and the profound gratitude and positive changes my patients have experienced, and how almost unanimously they each look forward to their sessions once they settle into the initial strangeness of this new brain function enhancement which I refer to as”exercise for the brain and HD TV for the mind.”

As I have treated several seniors in their 705 with good outcomes, we also discussed the “brain brightening” aspects of BrainPaint® including improvements cognitively in working memory, concentration, focusing, and attention-span, and also the reduction of “inner chatter” which improves ones sense of being grounded and enhances attentiveness to the environment (a very important issue for seniors). Finally, I clarified as well improvements most patients report in their emotional functioning as evident in enhancing their overall sense of well-being (not elation) as a lifestyle. We both agreed we knew few, if any, people who actually have a consistent sense of well-being as a lifestyle.

Last, I clarified with her my experience with you, Bill and BrainPaint® as embodying the most unusual sensitive- responsive-empathic-relational qualities I have experienced in a business relationship over the course of my 34-year career…pointing out further the immense benefits and support of the weekly teleconferences and supervision offered by Bill. I shared my feelings of immense comfort entering into this new strange unfamiliar terrain of neurofeedback so late in my career at age 63 due to yours and Bill’s availability, ongoing interest and encouragement, including Bill’s almost always immediate responsiveness to troubleshoot any problems or give guidance on cases. His ongoing availability continues to astound me. Finally, it was very reassuring to a have a replacement system sent so expediently when my previous system crashed.

I greatly look forward to our continued professional collaboration, including eventually meeting you and Bill in the future.

Michael Perkins

BrainPaint neurofeedback system testimonial

Bill Wolf, MSW, LCSW – Mindworks Studio, LLC

I have been a psychotherapist for the past 33 years and have worked to the best of my ability, with the tools I had available, to help my clients reach their goals. In many cases what we ’achieved’ was a great deal of understanding. I have come to understand that understanding is only useful when it facilitates change. Change is what is important. Understanding alone is over rated. Healing needs to be more than an interesting intellectual exercise. I have clients coming back with less struggle in their lives, improved relationships, change.

Bill and Cora have brought something special to our profession and have touched more lives than they will ever be able to realize. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you!

Bill Wolf, MSW, LCSW
Positive Change Counseling
Mindworks Studio, LLC