Why do Addiction Facilities choose BrainPaint® as their Neurofeedback Service Provider (NSP)?:

  • BrainPaint® uses the exact protocols proven effective in the large (n=121) UCLA Addiction Study.
  • The study proved that neurofeedback complements other treatment modalities to improve retention and the odds for long-term sobriety to 77% from 44%.
  • BrainPaint® is easy-to-use, and training (initial and on-going) is included in the price.
  • Within 4 hours a technician can learn to hook up clients.
  • Advanced supervision capabilities allow Practitioners to effectively and easily monitor client progress.
  • BrainPaint® has superior networking capabilities for institutions with multiple systems.
  • There is no per session charge.
  • BrainPaint® is fun and clients love it.

The most cited reasons why Addiction Treatment Centers add Neurofeedback to their services:

  • Improved Treatment Retention (central to long-term abstinence)
  • Reduced Resistance to other treatment modalities already offered
  • Improved Abstinence Rates
  • Improved Aftercare Compliance

Improving the Odds:

There is a certain cortical instability that seems to exist in the early stages of recovery. Neurofeedback appears to work by significantly reducing this acute survival response. It works by training the cortex to remain engaged and not be bypassed as usual during a fight-or-flight reaction. The result is improved compliance in treatment, less recidivism, and most importantly continued 12-step participation after leaving treatment.

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